Woodworm found in timber are caused by the larvae of beetles that feed on the timber. Holes on the surface are formed when the adult beetle emerges from the timber to mate.By far the most common species of woodworm in  Ireland is the Common Furniture Beetle.

woodworm causes Inspection

The first step is to inspect and locate the areas of woodworm infestation, identify accurately the species involved and determine whether it is active or not. In domestic property it may be necessary for carpets to be lifted (to enable an inspection of floor boards) we will also need access to roof voids.

Woodworm Treatment

treatment of woodwormTo eradicate infestation timbers are treated with an  insecticide fluid. This is usually carried out by spraying timber. The woodworms are eradicated as they pass through the spray treated timber . Where access is difficult ie: very low roof  areas and generally areas of restricted access we use a specially constructed machine which blows droplets of insecticide  fluid using an air- blown system. All chemicals that we  use carry a one hour re-entry period after treatments are completed.

If you think you may have woodworm, give us a call and we will  carry out a Woodworm inspection or provide a quotation for treatments.