The Mould Problem

Mould on ceilings

To many people, mould when present on walls and ceilings is just an unsightly nuisance. However mould is dangerous and can cause allergies, respiratory problems, asthma and can contribute to Sick Building Syndrome. It is important therefore that you get mould removed from your home or business quickly, especially if young children or the elderly are present. The main cause of mould growth is due to heavy condensation, however rising or penetrating damp can contribute to the problem.

Mould Inspection

We will visit your property, diagnose the source of mould by way of a visual inspection and advise on the best way to stop or minimise the cause of mould. We will also provide you with a quotation for the removal and treatment of mould.

The cost of this mould inspection in the Co Cork Area is €100.00 to €150.00

Note: Where contaminated areas are small, ie, less than 10 square metres, we can supply mould removal products for use on a DIY basis.

Mould  Removal Service

Firstly we apply a microtech biocide solution to the affected surfaces, this will sterilise and remove mould spores. The area is then washed and dried sufficiently to receive a further coat of biocide solution.

Condensation Control

Mould removal

PIV Unit in Roof Space

Many properties have wall and roof insulation works carried out but unless adequate ventilation is provided the mould problem can often become more serious.

The most important areas to ventilate are bathrooms, utility and kitchen. This is usually achieved by the installation of extractor fans. We recommend the use of humidity controlled units. Bedrooms and living room areas can be ventilated by the installation of condensation vents, these are passive units and once installed work indefinitely to remove moist air. In addition a Positive Input Ventilation Unit (P.I.V.) installed in a roof space will push fresh filtered air throughout the building and in doing so will greatly improve the air quality.



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Condensation Control Serviceprevent condensation

Depending on the location of the property we can offer a complete service ie: mould removal and installation of fans/vents etc or on a supply only of products. Either way we are confident we can sort out the problem of mould in your property.

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